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June 15, 2017



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Rocket Wars is a fast-paced local multiplayer game for up to 4 players! The game features crazy weapons, lots of powerups and several game modes. Rocket Wars is the go-to party game when you have people over and are looking for fast and furious pvp battles! In Rocket Wars you take control of a spaceship with different strengths and weaknesses and proceed to do all in your power to kill your enemies.


Rocket Wars started out as a game we created on a school trip to Seattle. It has changed a lot since then, but the core fun and chaos is still captured just as well. The team was a lot bigger then, because after we got back to Denmark, we, Archon Interactive, decided to keep working on it. On the trip, we had help from people in the games industry and they really helped shape the game into what it is now. During the trip, we wanted some cool music in the game and one of the group members contacted the amazing artist, Waterflame, who agreed to let us use his music for the school project. When we decided to continue the development, we contacted him again and he let us use his music commercially. The game has changed a lot during development, especially the visuals.


  • 12 different spaceships, all with a unique look and stats
  • Multiple gamemodes, including Deathmatch, Survivor and Nuke King
  • 2 - 4 player local muliplayer with full controller and keyboard support
  • A clean and beautiful artstyle
  • Quick competitive gameplay sessions packed with action
  • An awesome soundtrack made by the talented composer Waterflame


Rocket Wars Steam Teaser YouTube


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About Archon Interactive

Archon Interactive is a Danish indie-game company consisting of Casper Lindschouw and Lucas Adelholm. They started out developing games for mobile, but are now developing for consoles and PC.

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Rocket Wars Credits

Casper Lindschouw
Programmer, Archon Interactive

Lucas Adelholm
Artist, Archon Interactive

Composer, Freelancer

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